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Create & Solidify an Idea to Help Others

Learn how to develop and validate a business/platform idea starting from scratch & determine which avenue will allow you to create impact, but also be a strong income generating idea! It is SUPER important to validate an idea and Heart & Hustle will show you how!

•The membership contains starting modules to walk you through figuring out what you want to do and validating that it's a strong idea

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Start Growing Your Brand! 

Once you've determined what you want to do and who you want to help, Kelsey will help you start taking steps to grow a beautiful brand online (FOR FREE) by sharing valuable content and start building trust and credibility with your future customers & audience!

•You will learn step by step how to create beautiful social media platforms and create graphics that put the pros to shame! 

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Generate Income!

Once you have validated your idea & started building trust with your audience, we will start brainstorming and taking steps so that you can start generating income with this beautiful brand and platform that you've created!

•There are multiple modules that walk you through the different ways to generate income in your biz and how to get started.

Almost two years into my nursing career, I found myself between a rock and hard place. I worked SO hard to get my nursing degree (no forreal, like being forced to say I liked Backstreet Boys more than N*sync kind of hard) only to realize that “this” wasn’t what I signed up for.


I knew I wanted to take care of people, I just had no clue that the majority of my days would consist heavily of passing medications, charting my brains out, and having to learn how to navigate and survive communicating with toxic, miserable, and burned out nurses. I know that sounds kind of harsh, but that was the reality of my days and I'm guessing you can somewhat relate!


I was so tired and truly just longing for something more out of my career that the traditional setting couldn't give me! Can you relate? 

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After searching long and hard for an alternative route to go with my career, I started to feel completely passionless about my job as a conventional nurse. I started to realize that "Dream Jobs" didn't really exist and creating a "Career" that you loved came down to what you made of it. 


This is when I realized I was going to have to take things into my hands if I wanted something to change in my life. I dove deep into exploring the routes I could take with entrepreneurship. I ended up launching my own Wellness Nursing Brand called "Whole Life Nurse." I had such a passion to help Nurses take control of their careers and live a life that they loved! 


For the past year and a half, I’ve privately coached over hundreds of nurses who've wanted to launch side hustles of their own. Nurses with a passion to coach others with their health, mentor other nurses in the field, or they simply had a business idea that they wanted to bring to reality and grow! 


After years of coaching one on one, I took sometime to reflect and ask myself:

“How can I create something valuable to help these hard working nurses launch and create their dreams, support them in their journey, and give them the tools and resources that they need to succeed, but deliver it at a price that is an affordable investment to them and valuable for me?”

Introducing Heart & Hustle!

Find Your Passion - Generate a Side Income as a Nurse - Create your Dreams!

"Heart & Hustle has helped me immensely by simplifying the steps and actions that needed to be taken to build my brand. I appreciate Kelsey’ providing specific examples and providing the step by step process to build partnership and sponsorship opportunities. Thanks to this group I have been able to secure sponsorship deals with brands. This is a pretty big deal for me since I don’t have huge following on IG and FB. I’ve also been able to grow my audience by providing meaningful content. This group has helped me define what that is and what that looks like.

-Jessie, RN

Heart & Hustle is for you if:


•You are a Nurse, Healthcare Professional, or Wellness Lover with a desire to Launch and Grow a Side Hustle, but you just don’t know what you want to do or where to start


•You are someone who already has a wellness business in place, but is struggling to generate IDEAL leads, sales, and income on a monthly basis (not making 1-5k consistently)


•You want to create multiple streams of active and passive income in your business (passive income is money that is created from work you put up front and that generates income once it’s live ie: affiliate marketing in blog posts, online courses, ebooks, etc)


•You want to learn how to collaborate with brands for paid product reviews or sponsored posts and giveaways!


•You are making less than 5k a month with your side hustle and want to scale larger (or just make a consistent 1k because that’s a big deal too)!


•You want to launch a blog, but you don’t know where or how to start


•You work for a direct sales company and have been trained off of company education, but it’s just not cutting it for you and you want to generate leads and attract the RIGHT customers and team members without being sale-sy!


•You would love to launch a coaching or mentorship program for other nurses!


•You’ve been going at your business for a while and you’re just starting to lose hope, but you want to grow and would love education, a positive like-minded community, and actionable steps WITH support to go at it strong!


•You have a certification in an area that you’d love to create services around (yoga, health coaching, life coaching etc), but you just have no clue how to start, price yourself, or get the show on the road!


•You want to grow or extend your business on social media and create a valuable platform to serve others and create leads for your business


•You want to become a health coach, but just don’t know what certification is right for you and how to get started with it all


•You want to get your first 10 clients on the books, but you’re struggling to even get 1!


•You’re so over your toxic job and have no idea what the crap you want to do, but you just want to be in a community that can help generate ideas and get you moving in the right direction!


•You are not only a nurse, but an aspiring Wellpreneur (entrepreneur seeking to grow a side hustle in the wellness realm) who wants ALL of the above plus the community!


•You have a talent to share and you’d love to make a profit from it, but you just don’t know where to start


•You want to be a part of a positive and healthy community of Wellpreneurs!




Does any of this sound like you?


Sister, you are NOT going to want to miss out this experience!

Why work with Kelsey?

"The Heart & Hustle group coaching calls have been so valuable. I have loved authentic chatting about questions and strategizing. I think these monthly calls have helped me keep growing and focused even in a busy season where I am not always able to invest the time I want to into my business.-Emily RN



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We're going to be covering topics such as:


•Branding - what it is how to create a beautiful & valuable brand that gets you noticed!

Email List Building - EASY free options to start growing that email list and turn them into buyers!

 •Creating FREE & EASY Lead Magnets - SO good - this is how you SERVE instead of SELL!

 •How To Launch a Blog

 •How to Grow on Social Media - An ETIRE Instagram Course is found in this membership!

How to create Systems that Sell & Attract leads in your sleep!


•How To Price your Service Packages If you Have a Service to Sell - Girl, you are WORTH it and how to get those $500-$1000+ clients!

•How To Become a Wellness Coach & What Certifications are out there

 •How To Start a Nurse Mentorship Platform & Mentorship

 •How to Get Your first 10 Clients or Buyers- Cha-CHING! It's about small steps! (This is an optional module for coaches)

 •How to Create BEAUTIFUL graphics with a smartphone and FREE apps!

 •How To Create Engaging Content - content that MATTERS & SERVES!

 •How To Know What your Audience Wants to Learn about So they keep coming back for more! -so many cool concepts & ideas around this one!


How to speak to your IDEAL customer and attract them right to your DM or sales page- Creating your Ideal Client to speak to!

 •How to Nurture leads - turn your new followers & fans into raving customers!

 •How to create SIMPLE Sales System Funnels (this is my FAV and will blow your mind)! - no really.....this is epic!


•How to Use Google Docs & Forms (FREE) to grow your business - LOVE these FREE resources!

 •How To Know What's a Good Business Route to Go If You Don't Have a Clue!

 •Different ways in which you can create active and passive income - This is where I will share all of the areas that bring income into my business!


 •How to Get other's to want a part of what you're puttin' down!

 •Choosing Titles For Blogs

 •Basic SEO (search engine optimization) to learn what people are wanting to learn about and creating content around that to be found by organic search!

 •Building your biz while working FULL TIME!

 •Mindset Shifting and Stepping up to the Plate



This is $10k worth of coaching available to you for $79 a MONTH!


We will be going at these topics monthly and diving deep SO THAT you will be MASTERS in these areas! It's all about building your toolbox as you go!

“After my coaching call with Kelsey, it gave me gave me hope that I can actually DO this and start my own business. 100% feel like I have more clarity and direction. I honestly didn’t even know where to begin and I’ve made big strides since our call! So worth the investment! Kelsey is awesome!”

Samantha RN, North Carolina

What members are saying...

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Instagram Platform Heart & Hustle Member Transformations

Wouldn't it be cool to take a RANDOM idea to help others and turn it into a beautiful platform like THIS? These are just a few of the members of Heart and Hustle who've turned their ideas into actual platforms!

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Meet Portia!

Portia joined Heart & Hustle in August of 2019! She created a brand called, "The Write Nurse" where she teaches Nurses how to make money writing for healthcare and medical companies! Portia is brilliant and so gifted with what she does! We were able to clean up her brand to be more specific to the type of audience she was serving and her audience naturally started to grow. She ended up creating a course from scratch and enrolled 10 students on her first round and CHARGED WHAT SHE IS WORTH! She is now working on a membership and on her way to doing her business full time!


Meet Sabrina!

Sabrina is a Lactation Consultant & Registered Nurse who took her expertise online to help mama's all over the US navigate the struggles and adjustments with breastfeeding! Her stroy is inspiring!


Meet Heather!

Since starting Heart & Hustle, Heather has been able to further clarify what her brand is about and start sharing valuable content through social media! She is also in the beginning process of her defining her paid products and services to help Nurse mama's navigate life better!


Meet Janelle!

Janelle joined Heart & Hustle in August! She created a brand called, "The Nurse Note" where she educates on women's health in a fun way! Since starting Heart & Hustle, she's learned to create more powerful content for her social media platforms and she's nailed down multiple partnerships and writing opportunities! Hear Janelle's story below!


Meet Emily!

Since starting Heart & Hustle, Emily has been able to define what she wants to do, launch on social media, create a website, and sign up for a coaching certification to get things moivin'! Hear Emily's story below: 

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