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Healthy Nurse Boundaries Crash Course


Enroll is this life changing course and get immediate access! 

You CANNOT put a price on peace of mind! 


"Healthy Nurse Boundaries" Course  Testimonies:


"Im a 55 year old Charge Nurse who has spent the passed 10 years LIVING for my job. I preach your message children but don't follow it myself. Your education on boundaries has opened my eyes and I am now choosing ME and MY FAMILY over these OVERTIME SHIFTS! It's NOT on me to save the day. I need to take care of me so I can take good care of my patients! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!"

- Karla RN, NY



"I read your post on negotiating incentive pay for an extra shift. I always just picked up extra for nothing extra. The other day I told them I'd come in for an extra $10 an hour because I really didn't want to work, but would if there was extra money involved. At first they laughed at me on the phone and then 3 hours later they called back and told me they'd pay me to come in! I was so shocked, but felt so empowered!"

-Meghan RN, Chicago



"I was so sick the other day and felt so guilty when I was needing to call in. I saw a post on your page and it was everything I needed. You were right, I am sick and need to heal so I can get better quicker and be there for my team and patients in a healthy way! I called in with no guilt because I was confident in WHY I was doing it! I knew what my "YES" was!"

-Lauren RN, Florida



"I cried during your boundaries course. I've always believed I was letting others down by not picking up when asked so I've always said yes.....even when I didn't want to. Your posts have given me so much freedom and please know you're changing the Nursing world!"

-Natalia RN, Boston

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